Crop growth and farmland expansion
– it’s like cherry picking and even better!

future-oriented – simple

Our services


All relevant soil data for your farm
plus a regional benchmark instantly at hand – that’s the way we enable managers

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Fixed costs

Reducing fixed costs through farmland expansion. Achieving maximum flexibility and minimum fixed costs with shorter pay-off time.

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The service Crop Yield equips you with elementary yield mapping of your fields and the corresponding soil-specific subareas

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We are bridging the gap between
agriculture and equity. To this end we support agricultural entrepreneurs in Austria

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Our pioneer partners talking about us

The Soil-Mycorrhiza-Report provides overview. VEDAXS prepares soil data in a compact and hands-on manner.
Gerhard & Martina Hebenstreit
organic farmer in Jetzelsdorf
The VEDAXS Soil-Mycorrhiza-Report aggregates the soil data of my fields in a smart way. This is the right approach for further optimisation measures.
Anton Lehner
conventional farmer in Patzenthal

Our price structure

All prices include 20% VAT. Our pricing structure is exclusively valid for Austria and for areas of 30 hectares and above. For corporations with less than 30 hectares the price structure of 30 hectares is applicable.

Service packages


+Soil- Mycorrhiza -Report

21,90.- Euro/ha

up to 3 CCs incl.*



42,90.- Euro/ha

up to 3 CCs incl.*

Fixed costs

+Fixed costs-Preparedness-Report

63,90.- Euro/ha

*) CC … Cadastral Community

Cadastral community flat rate

60.- Euro / Cadastral community

only for serivces Soil and Yield

Example: agricultural entrepreneur with 51 hectares, fields are in 3 cadastral communities(CCs); service package Soil; 1 CC included; gives 2 x 60 EUR of cadastral community flat rate / 51 hectares = 2,35 EUR / ha


30 – 130ha

up to 35%

131 – 270ha

up to 55%

above 271ha

upon request

Example: agricultural entrepreneur with 51 hectares; service package Soil; gives 2,00 EUR / ha (9% of 21,90 EUR) of area-related discount

Price of service

Use our free of charge pricing tool to obtain in 3 steps the area-related price of service for your agricultural corporation.

Step 1

Choose package

Step 2

Insert data

Step 3

Get price

Open questions regarding our services?

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Partner programs

We develop together! Orientation alongside the concrete requirements of agricultural entrepreneurs forms the backbone of our DNA. In practice this translates into our partner programs, where you can co-design and benefit.

Since our inception we include pilot partners to deliver maximum benefits to agricultural entrepreneurs. In 2020 we started together with pilot partners in the regions of Hollabrunn and Mistelbach.

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For you VEDAXS is like a made-to-measure suit!

For you VEDAXS is like a made-to-measure suit! You can simply choose the fits-me-best service from the VEDAXS portfolio Soil, Crop yield, Fixed costs and Land. It’s like cherry picking and even better!

In times dominated by cost pressure a duke is, who identifies the potential for savings and yields and a king is, who thoughtfully exploits these potentials. Our services are tailor-made for dukes to become kings.