Passing on farmland to VEDAXS as a strong partner in agriculture

gentle – supportive - respectful

We understand your needs

Running an agri-business based on cultivating farmland is legitimate. Selling agricultural farmland is also entirely legitimate. VEDAXS stands for sustainable and agricultural use of farmland.

We help you

As a landowner you are inscribed in the land register. You decide yourself about what to do with your properties. VEDAXS serves you as a strong partner in this decision.

We are your strong partner

VEDAXS brings together ready for sale landowners and its carefully chosen, trans-regional and agricultural investors. Discretion, appreciation and the focus on a future-oriented agriculture are guaranteed.

We are transparent

Key data:

  • Farmland type: conventional and organic
  • Minimum area: None
  • Minimum plot size: None
  • Target region: Austria