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Next Generation Farmers - Strategy game

Students embark with the VEDAXS strategy game Agricultural Enterprise into a journey of discovery and exploration. For you the participation in the strategy game is free of charge.

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Strategy game @ Messe Wieselburg in May 2022

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Branding & Financing

  • As a student you access the strategy game free of charge.
  • The strategy game is financed through corporate branding.

The Agricultural Enterprise in the strategy game …

  • Operates 200.000+ha of agricultural land
  • Produces 2.000.000+t of crops, sugar bees, potatoes, etc.
  • Consists of 20 shareholders – the participants
  • Utilises and expands existing structures

Your role & challenge

In the strategy game you are representing an agricultural entrepreneur as an avatar. He, the avatar, is your temporary identity, operating own farmland, having a specific agricultural focus, holding a share of the Agricultural Enterprise, etc. The assignment is to draw up the crop strategy for the Agricultural Enterprise.

The strategic topics you will tackle ...


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