Yield and soil are like a tractor and trailer – and belong together!

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Crop Yield

As agricultural entrepreneur you are all together – manager, expert and worker – united in one person. Our yield data formats provide you with the right support for any kind of situations.


Instant yield
data overviews at hand to
steer and control


Optimised input of resources on subfield sections based on soil and yield data


Realising optimal yield with the right machine configuration and application map

Optimal plant growth and yield

The Yield-NADP+-Report equips you with fundamental yield maps of your fields with the corresponding specific subarea sections. Thus, you can better configure your expected goals, production methods and use of input resources according to individually prevailing conditions. As a result, better plant growth and optimal yield can be achieved.

Best use of input resources and machine configuration

The services Soil and Yield are like a tractor and trailer and belong together. The joining of soil and yield information allows to better derive required input resources – e.g. appropriate fertilisation planning – and subsequently set the optimal machine configuration for field subsections.

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Easy data migration from Ag-software

You are already using a common Ag-software and have recorded yield data and input resources in the past? Perfect, you are saving valuable time for data preparation and our Yield-NADP+-Report is delivered to you immediately. In addition, the relevant application maps including parameters for terminals can be obtained.

Data preparation support

Your data is not recorded yet? Even that case we are able handle! Our starting point is your status-quo, together we focus on the essentials – what is easy to achieve and what is beneficial for you? In addition, you benefit from our comprehensive insights on how to best leverage changes in data organisation for more user-friendly usage.


Requirements: recordings from the last 3 business years

  • Multi-subsidy-application-forms (AMA MFA-application)
  • Crop yield data
  • Revenue data
  • Fertilization data


Scope of services:

  • Yield-NADP+-Report
  • Presentation


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